Mitt Romney signing at rally

By Marc Nozell (Flickr: Mitt Romney) [CC BY 2.0], via Wikimedia Commons

Boy Did I Screw Up on Last Night’s Debate!

I thought I knew everything.

Figured I’m the persuasion-meister, such a master at influence, that I would be GREAT at analyzing and calling the Presidential Debates last night.

I decided kinda last minute to live post my thoughts to my Shameless Shamus Facebook page as the debate between President Obama and Governor Romney was happening.

It was a fun experience – if you weren’t there with me on my Shameless Shamus Facebook page, you missed out.

Anyway, I screwed up.

I was kinda calling the debate as a tie or a draw.

But judging by “everyone elses” reaction, Romney knocked it out of the park.

Now I’m not one to always follow the herd.

But in elections, it aint just my opinion that matters.

So here’s my post-post-debate insight that applies to us in sales…

*** Know Your Target Market ***

Romney went into this debate with the strategy of going on the attack, and going after Obama.

He did that like a dog. Maybe more of a terrier, than a pit-bull, but he went after the President.

And frankly that was exactly what he needed to do.

Because all of his fans and supporters are all excited and fired up today.

And many of Obama’s fans and supporters are mad or depressed today that Obama played this debate so coolly.

Romney knew what he had to do. He had to show that he had some fight in him, that he was passionate, and that he wasn’t just some cool detached money-numbers guy.

He did that in spades last night.

And that is what I mean by know your target market.

You gotta know what your market wants most if you want to sell them.

Obama I really believe had a strategy of playing it cool and Presidential.

I think he wanted to be seen as reasonable, level-headed, and a centrist.

I think his strategy was designed to convert the independent, undecided voters.

What he wasn’t watching for was how his supporters were going to get upset by this.

Even Bill Maher Tweeted out that Obama *needed* a teleprompter!

So I think Obama played a strategy tuned for the wrong target market.

If this were the only debate, then it would have the effect of boosting Romney voter turnout and depressing Obama voter turnout.

But of course this wasn’t the only debate. We have 3 more still to go.

And I’m probably going to live post to Facebook again during the upcoming debates so go add my Facebook Page to your Likes now…

Sell with Pride,

-Shameless Shamus