I love good news.

On Thanksgiving Day, I got this email from a customer. Read it…

I was only 1 year into my first sales manager’s assignment at the time of ordering for the Audio Program. The territory was also carved out as a new territory. One of the sales personnel was underperforming and was on the verge of being removed. The challenges were tremendous. I was on the lookout for a help. Frankly there are few helpers in this profession.

I was already on your mailing list of your EGOPOWER for almost a year at that time. The cost of the Audio Program made me think if the program will be cost effective or not. Still I went ahead and got the Persuasive Selling Skills Audio Program.

Within 6 months I received an incentive which was almost 8 times the cost of the course. The team was recognized for high achievements. One of my team members received the Quota Buster award. The underperfomer turned back remarkably. Everything happened as if it was a dream. I am sure it was the Persuasive Selling Skills Audio Program and your newsletters and nothing else.

Thanks a lot for the efforts you have taken for the sales professionals.

Vivek Som, General Manager
STP Construction Chemicals Ltd.
Bhubaneswar, India

Business goes well when you make it go well. Waiting around for the “economy” to get better is only gonna get you fired or put you outta business.

Get my Persuasive Selling Skills Audio Program now. Once you start thinking my way, you make more money, your closing ratio skyrockets, selling becomes fun again, and you regain your self-respect cause you’ll never grovel or beg for a sale again.

Sell with Pride,

Shameless Shamus Brown