What is the key to a high closing rate?

Is it practicing and practicing your sales pitch over and over so that you can give an awesome presentation?

Is it asking lots of questions designed to lead the prospect into saying “Yes!” over and over 7 or more times so he’ll say “Yes!” when you go for the close?

Or is it trial closing and *handling* all of the objections one by one until the prospect gives in and buys from you?


The key to a high closing rate ain’t none of those my friend.

The key to a high closing rate is getting to the unique truth of each sales opportunity – fast.

A lot of prospects will jerk you around, and give you platitudes about how they gotta look at all their options, and how you are on a level playing field with your competition and a lot of other stuff like that.

And what wastes a lot of time in sales is your natural, socially ingrained tendency to tolerate this crap.

You see when you get a prospect coming to you saying that they want to look at your product, and that they’re looking at other products like yours too, the prospect is already in feature evaluation mode.

The prospect’s already gotten past the “why” they are doing this. They are now on to the “how” will they get this done, and with “what” product: yours or your competition’s?

If you want to be a top closer, you gotta start getting the “why” out of people.

You gotta start getting through your prospect’s social defenses and get to their psychological reasons for why they are buying AND why they want the features they say want.

Only when you know this unique truth about your sales prospect are you equipped to make this one very important decision:

Should I sell to this prospect?

When you know the real truth about what your prospect wants and why, you can decide with confidence whether to sell to him or not.

And NOT selling to some of your prospects is exactly what you must do to become a top closer.

You can’t close every deal. Some just won’t buy. Others are not a great fit for you. And the sooner you find this info out the sooner you can move on to new sales prospects.

Being a top closer aint about being pushy.

It is about getting to the deep inner truth of every deal – fast.

Sell with Pride,

Shameless Shamus Brown

P.S. Some of my customers call these Sales Jedi Mind Tricks because prospects open up and bare their inner most thoughts and feelings and start selling themselves when you use them.