Some people lie in sales.

Are you one of them?

No, somehow I didn’t think so.

The people who lie the most in sales aren’t the salesmen and saleswomen.


The people who do most of the lying in sales are our prospects!

Tis true.

They don’t do it to be mean. Or to be cruel. Or because they are evil, or bad or anything like that.


They lie because they are scared.

They are scared of people like you and me.

They are scared that we are going to pressure them and try to “sell them something” that they don’t want.

You see everybody hates to be talked at.

I mean you and I have both had crummy salesmen who have pushed stuff on us right? Stuff we didn’t want – stuff they would have *known* we didn’t want had they asked us, but they didn’t.

Pretty much sucks, doesn’t it?

So prospects say things like “show me your product, and then I’ll let you know what I think.” And when you are done showing your stuff, and you ask them what they think, they say “Hey Thanks. I’m not sure right now though. I gotta think about it. But I’ll get back to you – thanks!”

And then you follow-up, and you follow-up, and you follow-up, and you wonder why you can’t get your deal to move forward again.

All because they lied to you.

You can stop your prospects from lying to you.

There are two things you need to do to get them to stop.

The first is not to be a pushy salesman. Pushy salesmen talk instead of listening. Become a good questioner, and start listening more than you talk, and you’ll put your prospects at ease. They’ll see you as more of a normal human being. And they’ll trust you more and let their guard down more around you.

The second thing to do is to start asking for commitments from your prospects.

Ask them to agree to tell you exactly what they think about your product if you are going to give them a demonstration. Ask them to make a decision and tell you while you are meeting with them. Ask them to refer you up to their “higher up” if they like what they see.

Ask for something BEFORE you give something.

That is the key to dealing with lying in sales.

If you tell people, in a polite way, that they can’t lie to you, that you have a spine, that you respect yourself, and that you won’t stand for it, your prospects will stop lying to you.

No special tricks required. Just open, honest, directness.

Sell with Pride,

Shameless Shamus Brown

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