Ever have an important part of your business or sales strategy blow-up on you?

I have.

One time I went out to give a sales demo to a new prospect. I got to the prospect’s office early. Got into the conference room. Started setting up my PC for my software demo. Turned on the PC, and it crashed.

Crashed bad.

Crashed so bad that I couldn’t get it rebooted at all.

And I had 10 or so people in the room ready to see my sales demonstration.

In a split second my instincts took over.

I was not going to fail.

I had an audience, and I was going to give them a presentation on my product!

I walked up to the large whiteboard in the front of the room and started drawing and talking.

What did I draw?

I drew screen shots of my software.

I new my product so dang well that I was able to hand draw on the whiteboard every screen that I normally covered in my sales demonstration.

I must’ve talked for 30-45 minutes like this. Everyone stayed in the room.

And afterwards they told that I did a pretty good job of “presenting” my software and they wanted me to come back and show them the real thing when I got my PC working again.

That day I advanced the sale, even when I shouldn’t have been able to due to a major equipment failure.

So when something goes wrong, don’t give up.

Decide you are going to succeed anyway, and let your brain figure out a way to make the most of a bad situation.

Make the most of everything that happens.

Sell with Pride,

Shameless Shamus Brown