This is pretty cool. My friends over at Jigsaw have decided to open up their online system and give away company profile data for free.

This is HUGE.

Anywhere else, you would need to pay some bux to get this kind of info.

Now for zero bux you can go download up to 50K complete company records in one shot.

Go here to see what I am talking about…

Download Free Company Profile Data Here…

With this company data you can jumpstart or accelerate the process of building a company prospecting list. You can download this info to a spreadsheet or import it directly into one of the 8 Jigsaw supported CRM tools (ACT!, Oracle, SugarCRM, etc.)

Why is Jigsaw doing this? Simple, they want you to become a member of their community. Jigsaw uses a community based approach to gathering and updating contact information on people in these companies.

This means people like you and I add and update the contact records, which results in a high number of accurate direct dial contact phone numbers in the Jigsaw database.

Go check it out now…

Download Free Company Profile Data Here…

This is different.

This is cool.

And this could make a huge difference to your prospecting efforts this year.

Sell with Pride,

Shameless Shamus Brown

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