Most prospects are in denial.

And most prospects stay in denial, until they can stand it no longer.

Getting your prospect out of denial is your job when selling.

Prospects are in denial about the problems they have that they need to solve.

Everybody’s got problems. Or maybe I should say everybody’s got “needs”.

Your prospects are in denial about their problems because denial is a “useful” coping tool for most people to deal with the overwhelm of everything they have to do on their to-do lists.

Tune-out your problems, and it’s easier to cope and get through the day.

But like I said, people will stay in denial, about a problem that *you* could help them with, until they can stand it no longer.

And this is why selling them on your *product* is ineffective.

Instead you got to sell them on solving or eliminating their problem.

You see there are only two reasons why people deny and let problems linger in their life or business:

1.) The problem is not important enough for them to focus on compared to other things they have to focus on.

2.) They don’t believe its solvable with the resources they have (this believing they don’t have the time or the money, or that it will take too much effort).

So how do you smack someone out of denial?

By showing them what will happen if they don’t deal with their problem RIGHT NOW.

Features is not selling.

Benefits is not selling.

Shocking someone out of their denial IS selling.

Here’s a short audio I made awhile back where you can listen to more about this…

Impotent Sales Questions

Sell with Pride,

Shameless Shamus Brown

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