Looks like ol Shameless Shamus was right.

Steve Ballmer is back trying to buy Yahoo again.

And he said that a deal with Yahoo was over – yeah right.

I tell you about this because like I first wrote about on May 6th – A Powerful Lesson in Sales Negotiation – this is a high power negotiation going on here. And it is continuing even after the lead party (i.e. Microsoft) in the negotiation said they were done.

This is classic takeaway negotiation.

Often when you pursue too hard, your prey just figures out how to getaway faster.

So now Ballmer and Microsoft are back after Yahoo. And this time they want “just the search business”.

I think Steve’s pullback play exposed Yahoo’s weaknesses a little more, and has made this new bid more likely too succeed.

What do you think?

Sell with Pride,

-Shameless Shamus Brown

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