Are Top Sales Reps arrogant?

The short answer is "It depends".

It depends on who’s answering the question.

If you ask this of the satisfied customers of the Top Sales Rep, the answer will probably be No. His customers most certainly like and respect him.

One thing that Top Sales Reps figure out how to do is to talk and think like their target market. They are able to talk, think, dress, and act like the decision-makers that they sell to.

What do you call someone who talks, thinks, dresses, and acts somewhat like you?

I call that person my friend. Such things are the basis of unconscious rapport you see.

And I never think of my friends as arrogant.

Do you?

I mean your friends that you like, not ones that you just tolerate.

Now if you ask the people who didn’t buy from the Top Sales Rep, is he arrogant? The answer may (or may not) be Yes.

The people who didn’t buy from the Top Sales Rep may sometimes be upset at how he handled them.

They’ll be upset if they expected free demonstrations, advice, proposals, etc., etc. and the Top Sales Rep didn’t give it to him.

Instead he qualified them.

He qualified them hard.

He asked tough questions about how much bux they had to spend, why they were even in the market right now, would they really buy something or was this just a fishing expedition.

Some prospects (not all, but some) would find these questions annoying.

They want to be catered to.

They expect the salesman to "serve" him. After all service is what they get when they go out to eat or go shopping at Nordstrom.

And when the professional salesman, the Top Sale Rep, declines to give blind, free service without getting something in return, he may get called arrogant.

So what.

It doesn’t really matter.

Because true business people understand why you ask hard questions. True business people appreciate the hard questions, because it shows you know something about business, and it shows that you are trying to understand their business, and it shows that you are interested in and capable of helping them.

So to the best prospects, and the real decision makers in power that matter, the Top Sales Rep is never seen as arrogant.

He’s a business partner.

Sell with Pride,

-Shameless Shamus Brown

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