The other day I asked "What would your customers think of Persuasive Selling?"

Well a salesman out in here in California who sells industrial water treatment products and services wrote back with an answer from a real customer of his.

Here’s Bill Kelly’s story:

Shamus, I purchased your program and it helps to bring the customer to a conclusion faster, whether you decide to work with them or not. 

A customer walked me to my car last week and on the passenger seat in my car was the CD case for the Persuasive Selling Skills Audio Program

My customer looked at case, then at me, and then asked ‘Am I being manipulated?’

I looked into his eyes and asked him ‘What do you think?’

He thought for a second and said ‘No, you got right to my problem, addressed it with no BS and helped me move to fix the problem.’ 

I told him that is the basis of your program. 

My customer purchased from me because I fixed his problem. Thanks."

The customer didn’t feel manipulated.

He wasn’t angry.

He didn’t feel ripped off.

He was happy.

And he probably even had a new found respect for a salesman like Bill Kelly who was professional enough to better his sales skills.

He bettered himself in a way that helps him solve customer problems faster, which both makes the customer happier with solving his problem and with the salesman.

Most importantly Bill bettered his sales closing abilities, which will fatten his wallet this year.

And Bill used my Persuasive Selling Skills even when he was being asked "Am I Being Manipulated?" by the customer. Instead of pitching back an answer, Bill handled that masterfully with a question.

Would you have known to do that?

Persuasive Selling Skills is not about pitching more persuasively. It’s about finding out someone’s problems fast and getting them to understand that you can best help solve it, and move on to the next prospect if you can’t.

Stop doing what all the other guys are doing and start distinguishing yourself as a sales professional with your new Persuasive Selling Skills now.

Sell with Pride,

Shameless Shamus