I didn’t really think I would really consider voting for the guy with the best hair for President.

But today I am.

Thanks to some politicians in California who moved our primary up to try and rewrite the term limits laws here, I actually get to cast a primary vote today that matters.

So I’ve got two real choices, and a purist vote choice. I was going to cast a purist vote for Ron Paul. But Mitt-the-Hair almost has me convinced to vote for him.

I read a lot of political blogs, news, and things like that. I listen to some talk radio. But the last few days I’ve been away on vacation and I haven’t done any those things.

What Mitt-the-Hair’s been doing is calling and leaving me voicemails.

I’ve been getting these "personal" phone calls from Mitt the Hair himself telling me why he’s the real conservative, and why McCain’s a phony (McCain could’ve called me too, but so far he hasn’t bothered).

We’ll they aren’t really personal calls. They’re what the politico’s call robo-calls, automatically broadcast voice messages that go out to thousands of phone numbers at a predetermined time.

I listen to the ones that I am interested in, and I hang-up on or delete the ones that I am not interested in.

Frankly these 1-1 contrast ads have been working on me.

There’s something about hearing the personal voice of a man telling me that he believes what I believe that get’s me to buy into him. Much more so than just watching a debate or reading about him.

I know, I know, Romney’s got all kinds of inconsistencies and flaws. But for Republicans though, McCain’s even more flawed, and Romney at least has the more conservative beliefs at this snapshot in time.

Buying decisions are just like voting decisions. There’s always compromise involved, it’s just a matter of degree.

So if Mitt Romney succeeds in collecting enough delegates today to continue this fight, it will be in no small part because he got personal and connected with an important group of decision-makers.

And that is the lesson today.

Get personal with the people who can help you, influencers and decision-makers who fit your ideal customer profile, and you will close more sales this year.

Connect with your audience in as personal of a way as you can. The more people like you, agree with you, and trust you, the more they will listen to you and your sales message.

Sell with Pride,

Shameless Shamus Brown

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