Wow, the new Bernanke run Fed has cut interest rates for the second time in 8 days.  Greenspan never did this.

Seems that the Fed is getting more than a little scared about the US economy going into a recession, or possibly something worse.

So what though.

Maybe now’s a good time to party.

It is if business is going well for you.

And you know what?

Whether your business is going well for you or not IS all about you.

It isn’t about the economy.

I hear all kinds of whining about how the economy is slowing down, how the stock market is under-performing, how people are pulling back and clamping down.

Whether or not this is true doesn’t really help you.

Because if you buy into this, then it becomes your excuse for crummy results, and you wind up manifesting it in your own business or sales turf. You actually manifest it because by believing this crud, you subconsciously pull back in just enough of your actions to let this happen.

I know because I used to unknowingly manifest this crud myself even when the economy was booming. I worked at more than one sales job where I believed I had the crummy turf, and that everybody else had a better turf or accounts than I did, and that I couldn’t be as successful as they were.

And as a result, I wasn’t as successful as I could have been in some of those jobs.

I know now that more often than not, I get what I expect I will get.

So I am psyched that the Fed cut rates. It will open the flow up for the people who see it that way.

And you know, even during the Great Depression, 75% of the workforce was still employed.

Some people even made a killing. The people the radio and movie industries did at that time. Why? Because they were in emerging industries, ones going through rapid growth.

So find ways for people do business with you. Expect that they will.

No matter what the media says there’s always stuff being bought and sold. Find a way to get into the flow of the bucks that are out there.

Do this frequently and often, and you too will see that its time to party.

Sell with Pride,

Shameless Shamus Brown

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