What are you having for Thanksgiving Dinner this Thursday?

This past Saturday, I held an early Thanksgiving Dinner for a few friends.

I wanted to do something fun and interesting, so this year I decided to fix a Turducken for dinner.

"What’s the heck is a Turducken?" you say?

Well put it this way, your vegetarian, animal-rights friends are not gonna like it.

A Turducken is a turkey, stuffed with a duck, that’s been stuffed with a chicken!

All the internal bones, guts and organs of the birds have been removed. So what you get is a Turkey that has ribbons of duck and chicken meat inside it, as well as your traditional Thanksgiving stuffing.

Now I *could have* deboned and stuffed this sucker myself. But I didn’t. I went to a local meat shop and ordered one from them.

And let me tell you, this thing was good. It tasted great. And my guests were equally impressed.

Have you noticed how sometimes a Turkey comes tasting a bit dry? Well there was none of that with the Turducken. Probably because of the duck suffocating inside there sweating out all its fat and juicing up the Turkey meat (at least that’s what one of my friends thought).

And how about all the prep work? Since I picked this up ready to bake from my butcher, there was very little to do. I just took it out of the bag, put it on a rack, covered it with foil and popped it in the oven. Four and half hours later I had a juicy, flavorful crossbreed of birds to serve and eat!

Oh, and the butcher who prepared this was real good at his work. The bird looks just like a Turkey, albeit a little flatter since there is no backbone inside. Somehow the butcher managed to debone the Turkey while keeping the outer skin in one piece (now I am really glad I didn’t prepare this myself).

It’s probably a bit too late for you to get one of these from your butcher for tomorrow, though you never know – call and check they might have one made up waiting for someone who wants it.

For Christmas or next Thanksgiving though, I highly suggest you consider cooking a Turducken as an easy, tasty, and impressive meal to serve your family and friends.

Happy Thanksgiving,

Shameless Shamus Brown

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