Some sales guys are arrogant and think they are exuding confidence.

Arrogance doesn’t go over well with most prospects though.

The cocky I know better than you, I dress better than you, I drive a better car than you, and I have a better looking girlfriend than you sort of arrogance just makes most prospect’s mad.

It makes people mad because such arrogance is rubbing the prospect’s nose in it.

And such arrogance is way out of rapport with most prospects.

I mean maybe, maybe you DO know more, dress better, drive a better car, and have a better looking girlfriend.


Is flaunting that anyway to build a relationship with your prospect?


Such arrogance generally backfires.

At least when selling to your prospects that is.

I have known a few of these overly assured, way-too cocky types who really thought that what they squatted out didn’t stink because of who they were and how they dressed.

They always flamed out given enough time.

There is a place where some arrogance can be OK though.

And that place is around other sales guys.

Good sales people intuitively get what I am saying.

It’s OK to be the Big Swingin’ D in the office.

You can swing it around when you’re with your sales buddies and  your sales manager.

But keep it in your pants when you’re out calling on your prospects.

Display *confidence* in front of your prospects, not arrogance.

Be confident that you give value simply by your being their with the prospect.

Be confident that you can help your prospect with what you sell.

Be confident that you can control the sale and that you won’t waste your own or your prospect’s time.

Do the right things in your selling, and you can be confident.

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Sell with Pride,

Shameless Shamus