Ever have a big fish prospect on the line?

Well let me tell you they are real exciting.

Big fish deals are the kind that you can make your quota off of in one shot.

Exciting as they are, big fish deals are also dangerous.

They are dangerous deals because they are sooo seductive.

When you get one of these and find out that you are a contender for a deal that could make your whole sales year the tendency for many people is to not think straight.

It’s very easy to get seduced into putting all your time and effort into the one big deal.

It’s easy to get seduced both because you can make your number off of the one big deal and because the nature of big deals is that they demand a ton of time and effort.

It’s certainly easy to put off prospecting with the excuse of the work you have to do on the big deal.

Also, the bigger the deal, the harder it is to truly know where you stand.

It’s harder because there are more people involved in the decisions of big deals.

People who don’t necessarily have much authority, but are involved nonetheless.

Which then makes it harder to get to the true decision-makers of big deals.

And the longer it takes you to get to the true decision-makers, the more time you are potentially wasting on a deal that ultimately may never have been yours to win from the beginning.

So I am not saying that you should never try and land that big fish deal if you get one hooked.

If you get a good one, you should go for it

What I am saying though is that all the rules of qualifying still apply. They still have to fit your profile, and they have a high likelihood of purchasing from you.

Otherwise you gotta let it go. Don’t get seduced.

It’s also extremely important to remember to continue prospecting when the big one comes along. You must keep filling your pipeline cause as seksy as a the big one is, if you don’t close it and your pipeline is dry, then you are gonna be in a heap of trouble.

So go out find as many deals as you can, and go for some big ones too if you can find them. Just make sure you keep on prospecting and don’t get blinded by the seduction of the big one.

Sell with Pride,

Shameless Shamus

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