Sales is really pretty simple.

Or at least it is when you do it right.

People go into sales thinking that all they got to do is be nice, build some rapport through small talk, and they’ll start making sales.

This is especially true for those who go into sales because they fancy themselves natural people-persons.

Then they find out that selling is hard.

But the good sales people learn from their experience of losing and (sometimes) winning.

And eventually the people who last (at least for awhile) in sales get to a point where they are "Good Enough"…

They’re "Good Enough" to convert some of their leads into appointments.

They’re "Good Enough" to turn some of their appointments into deals.

They’re "Good Enough" to close some of their deals.

For some people "Good Enough" is good enough.

For many years being "Good Enough" at selling was good enough for me.

I had many sales books in the corner of my bedroom that I planned on reading.

I had goals of things I was going to do, accomplishments I was going to achieve.

But every week I kept doing pretty much the same things that I did during the previous week.

And every few months my results were pretty much the same – just good enough.

Things didn’t change for me until I finally got fed up and started studying some different ways of doing things.

And I know this to be true for many of the thousands of customers who’ve been turned onto my ideas.

Now you could dismiss what I have to say as just common sense.

You could say that my Persuasive Questioning Techniques course is really just open ended questioning that you are already good at.

You could assume that you are already "intuitively" using an ideal customer profile in your mind when you sell.

You could dismiss the idea of Getting Commitments First as just a bunch of tired closing techniques.

And you could write off the notion that you have anything to learn about gaining rapport with others because you are already a glib people-person.

You could do all those things. And maybe you are. I don’t know.

What I do know is that there are better ways to sell than what you just learn through experience and the school of hard-knocks.

When I started studying ways to be more effective, more persuasive, I nearly kicked myself for not starting years earlier.

Don’t wait as long as I did. Start doing things differently now.

Sell with Pride,

Shameless Shamus