Not liking your job in sales is a bad thing.

Stay in a job you don’t like too long, and you’re liable to start doing some really dumb things.

Watch this short video now of a Girl Scout who hates selling so much that she doesn’t care what she says to her prospects.

Warning: This video features some mild profanity.
If you are easily offended, or have children around, then do not watch this video.

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Yeah, this video maybe a bit silly.

But it shows what happens when someone gets tired of failing at sales and just goes through the motions (and worse).

Maybe she’d like selling and would be nicer if she knew how to sell better.

If she knew how to quickly get rapport and help people find reasons to buy from her, then she would be smiling about all the merit badges she was winning instead of grumping at her prospects.

If you find yourself grumping about your prospects not buying enough cookies from you, then you need to get yourself a copy of the Persuasive Selling Skills Audio Program. I guarantee it will show you how to quickly get rapport with anyone and help you help people find reasons to buy from you.

Start smiling instead of grumping.

Start selling the Shameless way.