What are you thinking before you meet with a potential customer, or pick up the phone to dial a prospect?

I ask because what you think before and while you meet or talk with your prospects and customers greatly affects the outcome of your meeting.

Let me give you an example…

Nobody’s gonna wanna talk to me about this stuff.

Or do you think…

These people can’t afford this. I am wasting my time.

Or how about…

These people are going to be tough. They are going to ask me a lot of questions. They are going to poke holes in my presentation and find the flaws in me and my product if I don’t talk fast enough and stay on my toes.

The problem is that when you hold such thoughts in your mind before talking with prospects and customers, you make your fears that much more likely to happen.

You see, what you think about, your brain seeks out.

You transmit what you are thinking. In your body language. In your voice. In your choice of words, and in where you lead (or don’t lead) your conversations.

Here’s what you should be thinking about before you meet or talk with prospective customers.

You should be thinking about how your products help people and businesses.

You should be thinking about your successful customers, why they purchased from you and your company, and how their lives changed or their businesses improved because they are using something that you sold them.

This is why its more important that you know your customers really well than your products really well.

And when I say customers, I mean that literally. I mean people who have bought something from your or your company.

Knowing the reasons why customers get your stuff is much more useful than knowing every feature capability of your latest gizmo-gadget.

Product knowledge is a commodity.

You are expected to know it, but it won’t differentiate you from your competition.

Product experts are perceived as just sales people.

When you become an expert in *your* customers, you begin to become a consultant to your prospects.
To do well in sales, you need to think differently than you have been conditioned to.

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What you think affects how well you sell. Start changing your sales thinking today.