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How Gentlemen Are More Persuasive

I just got home this weekend from a 4 day marketing seminar in Tampa, Florida. Yes, I too go to seminars to get more education. I believe in constant improvement – it makes my business much more interesting and exciting because I know I’ll get back at least 10 times what I paid when I put what I learn into action. A strange thing happened on the second leg of my flight home. I got on my United "Ted" flight early ("Ted" is an airline division of United Airlines – a dumb brand name by the way – dumb because it has to be explained). As I was sitting in my seat a father and his 2 sons came up to my row and the father said that he had seat 22F. I was sitting in 22F I said that I had seat 22F. We showed each other our boarding pass stubs and they both said 22F on them. Huh? The father politely but a bit stiffly said that he would sort this out with a stewardess. And he showed a bit of stress at getting his boys to sit still in the two seats next to me. A few minutes and a few people crowding by later, the man asked me if by chance my name was Mr. Brown. I said yes, that is my name. He showed...

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No More “Show Up & Throw Up” Selling

Do you give a stock sales pitch on the first call to every new prospect you see? Does your pitch start with a few slides or monologue from you "About Us"? Do you follow the "About Us" stuff with all the features and capabilities of your product? Or do you give a canned demonstration to your prospects on the first sales call? I call this type of selling "Show Up and Throw Up". Because when you sell like this, you aren’t being interactive. You are showing up at the prospect’s office and regurgitating (i.e. throwing up) all your product and company features and capabilities. Many people in sales do this. I was guilty of it early in my career too. The problem is this is not very effective. Typically I find that reps who "Show Up and Throw Up" have closing ratios of anywhere from 30% on the high side to as low as 5%. So a lot of valuable sale time is getting wasted. Tailor Your Sales Presentations Each and every sales presentation you give should be tailored, personalized that is, for that prospect’s unique wants and needs. To do this you need to go beyond the usual preparation that most of your competitors are doing. You need to get beyond merely being experts in what your product does and how it does it. Yes, you DO need...

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What Great Sales People Know About Closing Sales

Really great sales people know something about closing sales that other sales people haven’t come to the realization about yet. Today I answer an email from a reader who has the best quality and highest prices, but can’t manage to win every deal. Here’s his email… I work for a high-end construction materials distributor where we work closely with architects, project developers, contractors, private villa owners, and villa management firms. Every now and then we come across a potential client that is engaged in the process of obtaining the materials for their project by taking in bids for the contracts. The problem I am faced with is that we typically hold the rank of not only highest quality but correspondingly highest priced distributor in the region. When engaged in a bid war where price takes precedence over quality, I have trouble getting my foot in the door to some potentially huge clients.  Got any advice on this? Some prospects are easy to close, some are hard, and some are impossible. A common belief held by many in sales is that is that really great sales people can close anything. This simply isn’t true. Really great sales people know how to get maximum value out of their sales time. Understand The Value That You Provide Make sure that you understand the value that a customer can get from you. Sometimes...

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