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This is What a Losing Salesman Looks Like

(Warning – I’m going to lose a few readers over this post…) A salesman losing a deal is kinda like an animal caught by a steel jawed trap crushing its leg. It screams in pain. It kicks to get free. And in some cases it will even chew it’s leg off to get away. A salesman losing a deal is a depressing sight. And when you know what to look for, it’s easy to spot while it’s happening. Right now you can watch a salesman losing the 2nd biggest sale of his life. But you can only watch this show for the next 8 days. Because right now, the President of the United States is losing the election. Just like a desperate animal caught in a trap, he is doing anything he can to regain the lead before the election next Tuesday. From what I read, the Obama campaign message is constantly shifting, casting about, looking for something that will gain traction in these last few days of the race. One article I read was by veteran speechwriter Andrew Ferguson, in The Weekly Standard, where he recounted how Obama is now trying out a campaign message that is exactly the same as one President George H.W. Bush had tried late in his losing 1992 campaign…. “There’s no more serious issue in a presidential campaign than trust,” President Obama said....

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How Romney Outsold Obama in Last Week’s Debate

Did Romney “win” the debate last week? Or did Obama “lose” it? There’s been a lot of discussion this past week in the news on this. I read and watch a lot of politics. Much of it is noise, but I like watching the political season, because it is the highest stakes persuasion game there is. And reading last night, I came across this interview by Greg Sargent of the Washington Post with the pollster Stan Greenberg, who says he knows why Romney won the debate. And by won the debate, Greenberg really is talking about why the polls...

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Sales Lessons from the 1st Presidential Debate of 2012

Boy Did I Screw Up on Last Night’s Debate! I thought I knew everything. Figured I’m the persuasion-meister, such a master at influence, that I would be GREAT at analyzing and calling the Presidential Debates last night. I decided kinda last minute to live post my thoughts to my Shameless Shamus Facebook page as the debate between President Obama and Governor Romney was happening. It was a fun experience – if you weren’t there with me on my Shameless Shamus Facebook page, you missed out. Anyway, I screwed up. I was kinda calling the debate as a tie or a...

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How to Instantly Spot “Spinning”

Its election time again here in the USA. And if you watch or read the news, you can’t avoid hearing another analysis of the election, or who’s ahead, who’s behind in the polls. One of the most interesting aspects of politics from the viewpoint of a persuader, is the notion of spinning. I’m sure you’ve heard this word. It is said that politicians, and more specifically their media spokesmen and surrogates, are always “spinning the news”. So just what is “spin”? Well I think of it this way. You know that phrase, “frame of mind”? This phrase is just like spinning. Imagine an empty picture frame that you can look through. By looking through an empty picture frame, you are limiting the view or perspective you have on something, and this “frames” your view on it in a unique way. To state what “frame of mind” a person is in is to say that they have a specific (and limited) perspective on a situation. So to “spin” then means to attempt to change another’s perspective or point of view on what is being said. Or said a different way, to spin is an attempt to influence another to see a situation in a specific way. Here’s an example on this week’s Presidential Debate on how both campaigns are spinning to lower the expectations in case their own candidate doesn’t...

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Is Money the Root of All Evil?

I’m sure you’ve heard this… Money is the Root of all Evil Do you believe this? Last night this came up over dinner with my daughter. She said that life sure would be easier if there weren’t money. Boy that perked me up outta my seat! When such cultural viruses invade my space, I stand right up and go after em! So I began to explain to her… I told her that there is nothing bad about money. Money is neutral. Money is simply a means of exchanging value between people. That’s it. Before money, we had barter. And barter was more difficult. More difficult because it lacks divisibility. You see the beauty of money is that we can divide up into as small a quantity as we need. Which allows us to set and adjust prices easily. Which led my daughter to another comment… She said that some things are priced too high. And told her no, that’s not really true. The right price is whatever people will pay. The only time the price is too high, is if no one will pay it. Then the seller can lower his price – assuming he actually does
want to sell ☺ My daughter now says she thinks money is a good thing. Cultural virus successfully squashed. Sell with Pride! -Shameless Shamus P.S. A healthy attitude about money is essential if...

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